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14th IDBF WORLD DRAGON BOAT CHAMPIONSHIPS 20th to 25th August 2019

The 14th IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships will be held from 20th to 25th August 2019. Competing teams are advised to arrive no later than Monday 19th August 2019. Teams can arrange to arrive earlier in consultation with the Organising Committee.

Entry to the 2019 IDBF 14th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships (WDBRC), Pattaya – Rayong Thailand, is restricted to one Representative Team selected and entered by their National Dragon Boat Federation which is Member of the IDBF. Teams from countries where there is not an IDBF Member may take part subject5 to the agreement of the IDBF Executive Committee. Such Federations in a country where there is not an existing IDBF Member, may enter the World Championships directly; this is subject to becoming an IDBF Associate Member and to the conditions published in this Information Bulletin.

The IDBF will be introducing ParaDragons as a new competition class. Further details are on page 8.

Pattaya, Thailand, is known as “The Sleepless City” and Rayong is “The City of Fruits” The Royal Thai Navy Rowing and Canoeing Training Center (RCTC) will be the host venue for the 2019 IDBF 14th World Nations Dragon Boat Racing Championships (WDBRC). The RCTC rivals top facilities in the world with infrastructure exceeding current international standards for hosting, accessibility, and pristine water conditions. It includes a top-quality start system and an international standard course. The RCTC is located at the end of the 5 km Bang Phai Reservoirs. With its basin-like characteristics the RCTC will be the perfect venue for the competition. Teams are welcome to the web http://www.wdbrc2019.org/ to see and explore the venue.

Address: Ban Chang District, Rayong Province, Bang Phai Reservoirs Width: 90 – 120 m wide Depth: 4 m depth over full distance and full width of race course Racing Lanes: 6 Lanes of 13.5 m Sides: Uniform slope of 29 degree; docking facilities extend the length of the racing area for easy embarkation Current: Negligible to none – scientifically measured and confirmed Water Quality: Excellent quality freshwater – source of municipal tap water supply Avg. Water Temp: 25 – 27 degrees Celsius in August All race distances of 200m; 500m; 1000m; 2000m will be held at the RCTC.

All team members must comply with the IDBF Competition Regulation No.4 to represent a country in the 14th IDBF WDBRC 2019.

The Championship will be conducted according to IDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing by appointed IDBF International Race Officials assisted by national Standard Officials and volunteers. The Championship will use the IDBF Race plans to determine the racing programme.

The IDBF registration system at http://idbfchamps.org/login_idbf.php where all entry details are made will open from 14th December 2018.

National Federations are required to submit their Provisional Entries to no later than January 30th 2019.

Teams will be required to submit both their Confirmed and Final Named Entries by May 3rd, 2019 and July 3rd, 2019 respectively (team member details and photographs etc.) Further details regarding Confirmed and Final Named Entries will appear in Information Bulletin No.2.

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