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Dragon Boat History and Culture

The Dragon Boat – history and culture


In the past, water transportation was a major route to connect people around the world as people normally travelled by boat. Although boat has become less important vehicle for travelling now, but its role has become more significant as a link between various culture from different countries to reunite people all over the world. Through cultural festivals and sporting events, rowing is a culture presented in many nations that connect with rivers and seas. From local to national level, rowing has become a sport for making relationship and harmony in society for centuries.

The Rowing and Canoeing Association of Thailand or RCAT is responsible for constantly overseeing the activity associated with rowing for development in order to be able to compete in major global programs including Asian Game, Asia Cup, World Cup and Olympic Game. In these days, Thailand becomes one of the top rank of rowing sport and has been known for this spot worldwide.

We are available on-site with Navy Rowing Training Center and Bang Phai Reservoir, Ban Chang District, Rayong Province, which are considered as an international benchmark for the global competition. The stadiums are also close to Bangkok. There are several standard hotel accommodations available and it makes traveling more convenient. For the expertise of the arranging competition, the association has experienced countless international games. Therefore, there are skilled staff and knowledge in organizing all stages.

In 2019, IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships will be held in Thailand, which this international program has been held every two years. Thailand has been entrusted to hosting the event, which promotes good relations between Thailand and IDBF member countries who are economic superpower. Traveling of more than 4,000 athletes from 56 countries to Thailand, both spectators and visitors with high purchasing power and investment will be an advantage for economic exchanges and also boost up Thai economy as well.

The Association is committed to promoting Dragon Boat rowing to be known as modern sport as well as promoting a unique culture. Dragon Boat rowing is a sport that truly encourages harmony and unity among people. This makes Thai people and foreigners who share the same favor in Dragon Boat will know more about rowing sport in Thailand. Also we can show our unique and beautiful Thai tradition and culture through IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships as a host of the event. This is a huge step of Thai rowing. There will be thousands people attending this event including medias, rowers and travelers. This will proof of Thailand’s ability to organize world-class sporting events, which will be a good result for Thai tourism industry in the future.

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