Pattaya and Rayong are ones of the most significant tourist destinations in Thailand. There are various kinds of accommodation for tourists; from 2-star hotels to 5-star hotels. The prices are different. Most of the hotels are located in Pattaya City, they are far from the venue about 40-60 minutes. Teams are free to choose their own accommodations but will be responsible for your own transportation to the venue.

Although there are a lot of hotel in the vicinity, there may be problems when it comes to booking for your accommodation, due to the popularity of Pattaya and Rayong. Anyway, the OC has already contacted with the suitable hotel, the Ambassador City Jomtein Pattaya hotel. Which is location in Pattaya, Banchang Palace Hotel and Play Hotel, which are located in Rayong.

The Ambassador City Jomtein Pattaya is set to be an official accommodation for the Championships. It is a very big hotel and 40- minute far from the venue. The hotel has various buildings with various prices. It is full of all facilities and not far from the tourist attractions in Pattaya. The Championships Administration Center and the Closing Ceremony will be set up and held in the hotel, so it is very much comfortable to teams who choose to stay in this hotel in all aspects.

For Rayong City, the official hotel are Banchang Palace Hotel and Play Hotel. Banchang Palace Hotel is a small hotel and 10- minute far from the venue. Play Hotel is a middle-sized hotel which is located at Phala Beach, Banchang District and 25- minute far from the venue.

For teams who choose to stay in the official hotels, the OC will be responsible for all transportation, from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the venue, and from the hotel to the airport, on your departure. The coaches will be reserved for each team.

Teams can see the photos of Official OC at the website
Accommodations booking shall be made via 

The Ambassador City Jomtien

Location: Jomtien Beach Pattaya
Time to venue: 90 minutes








Banchang Palace

Location: Banchang District Rayong
Time to venue: 10 minutes




Play Hotel

Location: Phala Beach Rayong
Time to venue: 25 minutes




Teams which reserve their accommodation with the OC, their transportation will be provided by the OC. There will be coaches prepared for each team, coaches will pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel. While in the competition, coaches will pick you up at the hotel and take you to the venue (back and forth). On your departure, coaches will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the airport.

Should any teams wish to take the coaches for your own business, teams will be responsible for additional cost.

There are 3 airports where the coaches will pick you up on your arrival and take you to on your departure; Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Muang Airport, and U-Tapao Airport.


Meal Package


Breakfast will be provided at participating official hotels though the 2019 WDBRC Organizing Committee.


OC has already prepared international buffet for teams in a canteen at the venue. A meal consists of 3 different kinds of food with jasmine rice, fruit, and drinking water. Lunch package is available at a price of 12 USD. For own convenience, teams are welcome to reserve the lunch package in advance.

Moreover, there are various kinds of food vendors at the venue, such as burgers, noodles, fast food, fried chicken, etc. Beverage is provided at the food vendors as well. Anyway, OC suggests all teams reserve for lunch service from the OC, due to the food quality and comfort.


OC has already prepared international buffet at the official hotels at the different prices. Teams can reserve for dinner at time specified. Dinner details and prices will be provided in Information Bulletin No.2
Any teams wish to have dinner on their own, there are various kinds of restaurants around.


Championships website
Organising Committee contacts

The IDBF encourages your Association to enter the 14th IDBF WORLD DRAGON BOAT CHAMPIONSHIPS, together with the Rowing and Canoeing Association of Thailand look forward to welcoming you at the Championships.

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